Niamh Keane, CEO & Founder 

Niamh has a wealth of corporate experience, wellness & coaching qualifications and regularly holds workshops and group events in London. 


Niamh is our lead Coach, she has accumulated over 15 years experience in the real estate, investment and technology sectors. Most recently serving as a Chief Commercial Officer in a high growth prop-tech startup. Previous experience includes Global Business Development and Capital Raising throughout Asia and the Middle East in the private wealth and real estate sectors. Niamh originally from Ireland is based in London and lived in the Middle East for 7 years in Abu Dhabi and has worked across the GCC.

Qualifications & Experience 


Niamh Keane Ltd - private coaching practice 2016 - 2019

ICF and AC accredited Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching 

ICF and AC accredited Group Coaching and Facilitation


University Qualifications

RICS accredited BSc (Hons) Real Estate Surveying, 

RICS accredited MSc Construction Project Management

Associate with the Institute of Arbitrators 2011-2017



Meditation - beginners

Weekend rounding retreat

Week long rounding retreat 

The Veda's Level 1- 6

Vedic Mastery Level 1- 6

Meditation teacher training & Mastery with  - Charlie Knoles

Teacher Training Bali, Charlie Knoles, Master Teacher - ongoing 

*I host weekly group meditations in London.

Energy Therapies

Reiki Master - Energy practitioner

Mastery level 1-3


Mentor at the Cherie Blair Womens Foundation



About Sankalpa Studio




Sankalpa Studio is a mobile wellness studio, a branded wellness concept, offering integrative wellness solutions to corporations that do not have the in-house capabilities or expertise to do so. We take a mind, body, spirit approach. Your Space, Our Services.


We are a global service provider, happy to travel and would be honoured to work with you and your team. We also provide services to individuals.


We have a team of trusted professionals that work for and with us. Every person we work with Niamh has personal experience of working with, whether that is a coach, yoga teacher etc. We do not employ or work with people outside of these trusted relationships so that we can provide the best service to our clients and retain the quality of our work. Our practitioners are at the top of their field and hold qualifications from the relevant bodies for their discipline.

Sankalpa - an intention formed by the heart and mind 

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