“‘The type of person you want on the top of your speed-dial and in your pack pocket, not only because Niamh will help you move forward but because she does so in a way that is genuine and authentic and will at times probably care about you and your business than you do. She has been in the corporate worlds so she ‘gets it’ and isn’t talking to you about things she doesn’t have experience of. Experienced, professional and a true desire to see people succeed.”

CEO & Founder, London

“Magic. There is something about Niamh, a quality that I am unable to put my finger on but can only describe it as magic. A light that gives you hope that that even in the dark times a sense and feeling that it will be ok. I had been through a very difficult period of life and was trying to find the hope, the meaning of it all, grappling with work, life and everything in between. Niamh showed up at just the right time and through our sessions I found a new spark for life, so much so that I created a new business and found in the midst of it all a real sense of peace. I recommend Niamh for coaching in any area of your life or work.”


A.K, Investment, London


Niamh has been my Personal Coach and Executive Coach for just over a year now. After relocating to the City and with the pressures of a high performing job and having to adapt to a new setting. Niamh guided me through the ups and downs of living in a fast paced City like London. I found her honesty and questioning refreshing as well as self-actualising, she is nothing but encouraging towards any endeavour that I share with her. Her commitment towards success in others is inspiring and her constructive yet truthful observations have helped me to realise my potential. I could not recommend Niamh more, she is caring and instils drive that you can achieve your goals, despite any adversity that is presented.”

P.W, Real Estate Accountant, London, United Kingdom

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