Sankalpa Series 

In-House Guided


We work with you and your team to give an introduction to meditation and facilitate a guided meditation. This is available on a once off or on a regular weekly basis. We enjoy building community and by hosting a weekly event in your organisation it also helps to foster this.

This provides a set time and focal point for your employees or community to come together and benefit from this ancient tool and technique. Whether you are a team of 2 or 20,000 we can create a bespoke package for you. Great for wellness days at work and as part of a regular commitment to wellbeing in the workplace. We are available for special initiatives and key calendar dates such as mental health week etc

Corporate Beginners 

  Group Meditation      Course ***

7 hours over 3 consecutive days

Day 1  (1.5 hrs per group)

Day 2 (3 hours as a group)

Day 3 -  (2.5  hours as a group)

Niamh works with leadership teams and employees to teach and empower them to become self-sufficient meditators. Working live, in-person with a personalised sound/mantra which Niamh will choose for each employee. This will bring deep rest, profound healing and work with their nervous systems to bring everything back into balance. Boosting productivity, efficiency, creativity and mental wellbeing. The days must be taken consecutively due to the nature of this practice and the structure of the course. Day 1  - is when sounds are allocated. We can also look to develop a timetable with you that works to support the needs of the business.


Note ***: We can provide a private course for someone within your organisation if they need 1-1 support. We have experience of working with the C-suite in this way.

Corporate Away Days

& Retreats 

Experienced in organising, managing, hosting and teaching on retreats, we are your perfect partner to help you and your team to take time away from the everyday and refresh your approach. We bring together our retreat specialists, wellness professionals and coaches to help you get the most of reconnecting with your team. Emerge with a refined approach and sense of connection to move forward together. We can also deliver our beginners course on your away day or corporate retreat and facilitate guided meditations.

wellness WORKSHOPS popups & Events 

Curated events, we can work with you to provide a series of workshops, panels or events to promote wellbeing and wellness within your organisation.

We can provide professional speakers, wellness professionals, activities and classes.

We can even take over your space and set up our pop-up wellness and meditation studio. We are a mobile wellness studio.


 We have professional experience of organising and hosting events in interesting locations like the Gherkin in London. We are always interested in exploring unique and cool spaces.

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